Why Lifting Heavy Weights Won’t Bulk Woman Up

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Even with fitness experts praising the health benefits of weight lifting, many women still resist the idea. For a lot of females, the goal in exercising is to slim down, get trim and toned. Because weight training and lifting heavy has long been associated with body builders and men with large muscles, many women believe their bodies will look like that too if they start a weight training regimen. This could not be further from the truth and you could be stalling progress in your health and fitness journey by avoiding lifting heavy weights. Here are some reasons why lifting weights will not bulk women up.


Testosterone levels are much lower in women than men. Testosterone is the key hormone in why men are male and women are female, and women naturally have about 15 to 20 times less of it in their bodies. Testosterone is what makes mens voices deeper, allows them to grow facial hair and makes them more equipped to gain muscle. You need a good amount of testosterone in your body to build muscle mass, which means that unless you are specifically training to get bigger, women will not be able to get as big as men do.

2. Strength not size

Lifting heavy weights has been proven to make you stronger rather than bulkier. When you lift heavy, meaning over 85 percent of your maximum, the primary stress is placed on the nervous system, not the muscles. Strength will improve through neurological effects not through increasing the size of your muscles. This is a main reason why women should not be scared of lifting heavy weights. See the results at Dillon Jersey blog.

3. Calorie dependent

Bulking up depends on the amount of calories you’re taking in compared to the amount you are burning. The only way women will bulk up from lifting heavy weights is if they eat like a body builder. Nutrition plays a key role in any fitness regimen and women may mistakenly believe they are bulking up through weight training when in fact they might be fattening up by eating more calories or slowing down metabolism by eating two meals a day. Lifting heaving weights is not what bulks muscles, the high caloric intake in conjunction with specific exercises is what produces large muscle mass.

4. Toning

Without high levels of testosterone, women will essentially cut down on fat while building muscle through weight lifting. Muscle will develop, but only in small amounts. When you have more muscle you burn calories more easily, meaning that lifting heavy weights will help women to cut down on the amount of fat they have on their bodies, while allowing the appearance of toned muscle to come through. Women will get stronger by working out the muscles they already have through lifting weights; they will not bulk up or get bigger by growing more muscle mass.

5. Change doesn’t happen overnight

Just like you won’t drop ten pounds over night, you also won’t wake up one morning and have huge muscles. Many women are under the impression that once they start lifting heavy weights, they will see quick and dramatic changes, which is not true. Just like any progress in weight loss and fitness, it takes a while to see results. Men who have large muscles have worked hard for a long time; so women shouldn’t be weary of bulking up from weight lifting, it just won’t happen (unless they really try).

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